Our Products

Our boxes are comprised of laminated plywood fastened together with steel strips, a combination designed to offer the optimal balance between strength, weight, and internal volume. They are designed to be quickly assembled and sealed, helping ensure that your goods are ready to ship as soon as possible.

Matrix’s line of plywood boxes are sold under the Mpak brand, and the models we offer include: Mpak-M, Mpak-D, Mpak-C, Mpak-L, Mpak-K and the Mpak Durable plywood box.

Compared to traditional wooden boxes of the same size, Matrix’s Mpak plywood boxes have the following advantages:

  • -They are stronger and more robust
  • -Space-saving designs give them a greater storage volume
  • -Their folding design helps save on storage space
  • -They are lightweight, allowing for crucial cost savings when using air transportation
  • -They are convenient to disassemble and assemble.
  • -The use of metal tabs makes our Mpak wooden boxes reusable.
  • -Our products meet all international sanitation standards, meaning our goods do not need to be fumigated or undergo heat treatment.

Here at Matrix, we want to satisfy all your packaging needs, so in addition to our Plywood boxes, we are also able to provide our customers with auxiliary packaging materials such as paper products, cushioning products, and other wood products.

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