Durable Mpak plywood box

The Mpak Durable plywood box may be built with either four or six galvanized hinges, and the frame may be further customized with additional, optional features such as a handle hole, a drop-down door and several forms of surface treatment. This type of box is particularly suited for the telecommunications, automotive, wholesale, distribution and warehousing industries. The Mpak Durable plywood box can bear up to 1 ton, and has an internal volume ranging from 0.01 to 3.5 cubic meters.Durable Mpak plywood box

The Mpak Durable plywood box’s highlights include:

-Provides excellent protection for stored products
-Allows for a high rate of capacity utilization
-Extra Durable
-Simple and user-friendly, very easy to assemble
-Easy to fold up when not in use, folds into very compact dimensions
-Box’s thickness and size are variable, and may be customized according to customers’ requirements
-Several forms of auxiliary packaging materials designed to support and protect contents are available

The size range of the durable Mpak plywood box is as follows:

-Maximum size: 2400 x 1200 x 1200mm
-Minimum size: 300 x 300 x 100mm

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