Other packaging materials

We offer several types of paper packaging products, including:
• Heavy-duty cardboard boxes
• Paper lining
• Paper for cushioning and protecting corners
• honeycomb cardboard
• paper trays
• molded pulp

We offer various ancillary cushioning products, including:
• EPE Foam
• EPS Foam
• Concave-convex sponges
• Sponge sheathing
• Assorted foam material
• Bubble cloth

Other wood products we offer:
• Traditional plywood boxes
• Plywood pallets
• Hanging braces

Other packaging products
• Anti-rust bags
• Anti-rust film
• PE film
• Desiccant
• Antistatic bag,
• Bolts and nuts
• Corner Wraps

We have established strategic cooperative partnerships with our suppliers in order to better serve as the one-stop shop for all your packaging needs. We hope to help your organization improve its efficiency while reduce the costs of packaging and logistics.

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