Step 1. Your Packaging Needs

The first step in delivering the packaging solution right for you is an analysis of your current logistics situation & specific packaging requirements. The following factors should be taken into account:

  • - The level of protection needed for the product
  • - Handling involved at each stage of the process
  • - Conditions and requirements for storage
  • - Conditions during the transportation process
  • - Environmental impact

Step 2. Customizing your Packaging Solution

Based on the results of our analysis, Matrix’s engineers will design a packaging solution that meets your needs while striving to minimize cost at each stage of the process. We take into account all the requirements presented to us by our customers’ products, such as shape and fragility of item, operational requirements, desired turn-over rates, transportation methods, stacking requirements, printing needed, and any other special requirements. Then, using our proven design process and 3D modeling software, Matrix’s design team will create the solution that ensures your products are safely stored and your packaging and logistics cost are optimized.

Step 3. Quality Assurance Testing

To ensure that your packaging solution is suitable for your goods, a range of tests will be conducted prior to implementation. The tests may be conducted either at the customer’s work site, or at a professional independent testing site. These tests will cover everything from package strength up to a functional test simulating your logistics process.

Step 4. Choosing Your Solution

Normally, finding a packaging solution right for your company means multiple suppliers and combining different packaging products together. Here at Matrix, we work to anticipate and cover all of our customers’ packaging needs by offering a complete range of packaging goods and materials. We are able to deliver cost savings by giving our customers the ability to work with a single supplier of packaging materials.

Step 5. Additional Services

A complete packaging solution may require various logistics services in addition to the physical packages used. Examples of services Matrix can provide include on-site packing, sourcing the customer’s packaging materials, and assisting with stocking of your goods to meet your JIT service requirements.

Step 6. Implementation

Following the selection of your packaging solution, Matrix will begin implementation of the appropriate packaging and logistics operations. With Matrix’s intensive Customer Care program, you can rest assured that your packaging materials as well as all necessary documents will be delivered safely and on time.

Step 7. Follow-up – Our Commitment to Improvement

Our service doesn’t end when your goods have been successfully transported. Following implementation of your packaging solution, we will keep in touch and make sure to get your feedback on our products and services, and to confirm that we have delivered cost savings over our competitors. This data will then be subjected to further analysis with the goal of improving our packaging solutions and services, and maintaining our commitment to cost cutting.

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